About us

SIGLAW is a law firm headquartered in Hanoi, established in 2014, so far we have 10 years of legal activities in Vietnam.

SIGLAW was established in 2014 with the initial name of FDI Investment Consulting Service Co., Ltd. In 2019, we changed our name to Siglaw Law Firm Limited (SIGLAW FIRM), marking the journey of continuous improvement and innovation for international integration.

Our strength is foreign investment consulting services; consulting survey and project investment; consulting on corporate law, corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions; tax management Law; Intellectual property law; consulting on drafting, negotiating contracts and conditional business lines, sub-licenses…

SIGLAW has a team of lawyers and legal experts with many years of experience, capable of assessing legal risks and providing optimal, flexible and practical solutions for clients. We always listen, understand and accompany our customers to solve all business problems, because above all we understand that customer satisfaction is a guarantee of our service quality. For SIGLAW “Every customer is a brand ambassador”.